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walk through Switzerland

So far our greatest summer adventure - we will walk through the whole of Switzerland from Vaduz to Montreux!

21 days and 380km of mostly high alpine hiking! We will follow the 
Via Alpina, and hike across 14 of the most beautiful Swiss alpine passes, alond Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, through gorges, and along glaciers and natural waterfalls.

We will spend the nights in SAC mountain shelters, youth hostels and backpacker hostels. Our baggage will be transported from one stop to the next by an accompanying car, so that we only have to carry a light day rucksack. Eurotrek will support us on our adventure, and be here for us in emergencies.

Some basic fitness is required, but the route is planned with lots of breaks and rest. Instead of walking downhill, we will sometimes have the option to use different means of transport, like the Trottibikes or Mountaincarts. Or the very fast First Flyer zip line, or the toboggans. On the Oeschinensee, we can even take a boat

Children from about 10 years will be able to walk with us.

Adam (15), Liana (12), dog Sammy and myself will walk the whole distance from Vaduz to Montreux (380 km), and cross the whole of Switzerland from East to West.

We are looking forward to hiking with you, no matter if it's a day only, or the whole route!

the route

5th - 25th August 2017

Vaduz - Montreux



1st week

5th - 12th August 2017

Vaduz - Meiringen

Weisstannen - Elm

On our first day, we follow an easy and pleasant hiking trail from Vaduz Castle to Sargans Castle.

Hiking time: 5h30

Vaduz - Wangs

Through untouched nature, we continue our way into the  Weisstannen valley, past solitary hamlets, streams and lakes.

Hiking time: 4h40

Wangs - Weisstannen

Weisstannen - Elm

We hike across the Foopass to Elm via Alp Siez through open alpine pastures .

Hiking time: 7h50

Elm - Braunwald

Through the Geopark we walk to the Wichlen lake, steep up and through a moor to the Richetlipass, to then begin our descend into the lonely Durnach valley.

Hiking time: 5h45

A horse carriage takes us to Nussbühl, from where we reach Urnerboden. Then a steep ascent up to the top of the Klausen passs.

Hiking time: 5h05

Braunwald - Klausenpass

From the Klausen pass, we descent steeply, on the horizon the Alps of Central Switzerland, down to the tiny village of Spiringen. We then follow the Tellweg from Bürglen to Altdorf.

Hiking time: 5h40

Klausenpass - Altdorf

Altdorf - Engelberg

With the cable car up to the Bergstation Brüsti, then over bold steps up to the Surenen pass. Across the Blackenalp down to the famous Klosterdorf Engelberg.

Hiking time: 5h45

Engelberg - Meiringen

With the cable car up to the Joch pass, then along the Trübsee lake at the foot of Titlis. We then take the mountain scooters downhill to Meiringen!

Hiking time: 3h55

2nd week

12th - 19th August 2017

Meiringen - Kandersteg

Meiringen - Grindelwald

On our first day, we pass Rosenlaui, the spectacular Reichenbach falls, and a Glacier shrine. Though the moors, we hike to the Grosse Scheidegg, from where we climb up to the peak First to do the Cliff Walk high above in the mountains. What an excellent view of the famous peaks Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau! With First Flieger zip line,  Mountaincarts und Trottibikes, we descend the 1100 m down to Grindelwald.

Hiking time: 4h

Grindelwald - Lauterbrunnen

From Alpiglen, we reach the kleine Scheidegg, huge and close above us the mighty Eigernordwand. We hike to Wengen via an easy high-altitude trail and then descend into the Lauterbrunnen valley with its spectacular waterfalls.

Hiking time: 3h40

Lauterbrunnen - Griesalp

From Lauterbrunnen, we take the mountain railway to Mürren, from where we have a dream view of the mountain scenery. Across lonely summer meadows, we make the ascent to the Sefinenfurgge. A steep wooden staircase helps us to cross over to the valley of Kiental. On the Alp Bürgli, we can try goats milk as a refreshement!

Hiking time: 6h

Griesalp - Blüemlisalphütte

1000 m uphill, we climb the 2778m high Hohtürli, the highest point of the Via Alpina. Another 50 m higher, we reach the Blüemlisalphütte, from where we have a magnificent view over peaks and eternal glaciers.

Hiking time: 4h30

Blüemlisalphütte - Kandersteg

Over moraines we hike downhill to the deep blue Oeschinensee, which is said to be the most beautiful lake in the Alps. The water is so clear that we can drink it. By boat we explore the lake. Afterwards, we continue down the valley to Kandersteg by toboggan!

Hiking time: 3h

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3rd week

19th - 25th August 2017

Kandersteg - Montreux

is following shortly!


in memory of

My father would have turned 100 this year. He was a botanist and secondary school teacher, but spent every free minute in the mountains as an enthusiastic hiker and skier. He discovered his love for the mountains as a teacher at the Institut Briner in Flims Waldhaus, where he stayed during the war. Later on, he designed two chalets in the mountains and built them together with his brothers and sisters. Even today we find shelter there if we want to explore the mountains. As a talented hobby photographer, my father was especially interested in the alpine flora, and there still exists a large collection of his pictures from different alpine regions of Switzerland. My father has shown me and my sister the mountains, and passed on his passion for them to us. On our hike through Switzerland in the summer of 2017, I would like to pass my passion for the alpine world on to you!