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9 - 12




2.30 - 4.00pm

About the Course

The Falken are 10-12 years old and in Year 5, 6 or Year 7 at their English school. A common topic is also in the foreground for the Falken. They read and write longer texts, and enjoy fun craft activities and games together. They refine their grammar and spelling and can correct their texts themselves with the help of the strategies they have learned. The have fun learning together, and building up long-lasting German speaking friendships.

The mother tongue of the Falken is German and the lessons are exclusively held in German.

Cost Per Term (Autumn/Spring/Summer)

£126 / £108 / £126

Your Teacher

Ivan Efti

Ivan Efti

Ivan is our online Raben and Falken teacher from Switzerland.

He has lived in Greece since 2016 and teaches German and French there. Through online teaching he has gained a lot of experience with learners from different countries, backgrounds and ages.

His professional background as a creative worker in the art and design industry and as a co-founder of an art studio in Greece (with a focus on creative design for and with children and young people) allows him to combine creativity and language in teaching.

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