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12 - 16




1.30 - 3.00pm

About the Course

Our bilingual students can transfer to the GCSE group from year 7 (age 12). They then take their GCSE German exam in Year 8 or 9. We decide in consultation with the students and parents when the students are ready for the exam. Years 10 and 11 are then reserved for all other subjects and the regular GCSE exams that all students sit in England.

Non-bilingual students usually join our GCSE groups in year 10, and sit the GCSE German exam in year 11, together with their other GCSE subjects.

Our students have the advantage of having taken an additional language GCSE, which is one GCSE subject more than other students!

In the GCSE group, we practice very specifically for the exams. We do mock exams (reading, writing, speaking, listening) and learn what to look out for in order to get a good grade. GCSE training usually takes 2 years.

Cost Per Term (Autumn/Spring/Summer)

£126 / £108 / £126

Your Teacher

Frauke Shiells

Frauke Shiells

Frauke has been teaching German for 15 years and has gathered experiences in different class situations, e.g. with teenagers and adults, in a classroom and via video conference, everyday language classes and in-house business German classes, one-to-one and group lessons. Furthermore she prepares learners for different exams (telc, GCSE and A Level).

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