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Kleine Pinguine




6 - 9




1.30 - 3.00pm

About the Course

The kleine Pinguine are 7-9 years old and in Year 2, 3 or 4 in their English school. The kleine Pinguine are just beginning to learn German. They are supported individually at their language level and together they achieve great success in learning German. The kleine Pinguine write short German texts themselves, do crafts and get to know German customs and traditions. A common topic is also in the foreground for the kleine Pinguine.

The kleine Pinguine have German as a foreign language - all lessons are held partly in English, and the focus is on German vocabulary training.

Cost Per Term (Autumn/Spring/Summer)

£126 / £108 / £126

Your Teacher

Isabelle Zeitinger

Isabelle Zeitinger

Isabelle Zeitinger studied German and French in a German-French course in Mainz and Dijon Studied French for high school teaching and German for Master II. friendly bonds have been connecting them with Dijon for a good 24 years, so the 2.5-year course in the capital Burgundies quite naturally followed. In 2013 she decided to train as an integrative Learning therapist and has been accompanying children and young people with reading difficulties since 2016 and learning to spell in German and French, in essay training and in so-called attention difficulties. As a pedagogical specialist, she was allowed to work in the children's Families and youth welfare for unaccompanied minors during their integration into support Germany. As an integrative learning therapist, Isabelle likes to work holistically, which is why she is also responsible for the solution, resource and hypnotherapeutic approaches in her work is burning and has finished her training as a certified magic therapist since March 2023.

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