German Saturday School


In January 2020 we opened a German Saturday School in the Peterborough area for children with existing German language skills. We are unable to teach German as a foreign language at this time.


Run by a German mum from the Peterborough area, we aim to give children the opportunity to improve their language skills while having fun and forging German-speaking friendships.


We strive to create a fun and stimulating environment. We want children to have fun and improve their German by using it actively and purposefully in reading, writing and speaking.


We aim to share the culture of German-speaking countries through songs, stories and celebrations. We want to build a community in which each child can flourish and where everyone is treated with respect.


We aim to provide a bit of a head start. We want to give our students  the opportunity to take German language certifications, whether or not their school teaches German.

Dates & Times

Spring term 2020

Saturdays from 2-4pm

- 11th of January

- 25th of January

- 15th of February

- 14th of March

- 28th of March


- 4 year olds and over - £8 per hour

We work as a non-profit organisation. Our contributions are designed to cover costs such as venue rental, insurance and materials. Excess revenue is reinvested into the school.


20 Wentworth Drive
Peterborough PE8 4QF