The DSS Leicester Team

Marianne Siegfried-Brookes, School Head and Teacher

Marianne is the founder and organiser of the DSS Leicester. She is an experienced and enthusiastic primary and secondary school teacher with a MSc in Secondary Education from the University of Zurich. She has been teaching bilingual children and adults since 1999, first in Sweden by setting up the German part of a language school, and since 2004 in the UK. Her aim is to support, promote and further language learning and bilinguality in the UK. She believes in an active approach to learning, engaging the students on all levels - intellectual, social, emotional, creative, physical,... Her own two children are trilingual and speak English, German and Schwiizerdütsch :)



Anne Honsel, Teacher
Anne is an experienced and dedicated primary school teacher. She has been teaching in the Early Years for the last 10 years.

She is currently managing the Languagekindergarten, teaching the "Schwalben" in the Saturday School and teaching French in KS2 at a local Primary School. Anne is also one of the Directors of the German Academy.

After studying German Literature, Art and Textile Design at the University of Osnabrück, Vienna and Heidelberg, Anne completed her Teacher training in Aachen. She continued her studies at the University of Leicester with a  Masters in Teaching and Learning in 2013. 

Anne believes in a developmental approach to learning, seeing the role of a teacher as a facilitator. Creativity and sensitivity to the child's needs and interests is at the heart of all meaningful interaction.


Tina Lloyd, Finances

Tina looks after the finances at the German Academy. A native German speaker from Hamburg, Tina came to UK in 1997 to work and study and has never left! She has previously been involved with German speaking children playgroups in Cambridge and in Nottingham and has also worked as a private German tutor. Tina works as a bilingual (English and German) freelance researcher and translator with over 15 years business ina’s 5-year old daughter loves the fact that she can speak German to her mum and English to her dad (sometimes mixing it together).


Katrin Wood, Finances

Katrin is GA finance manager from January 2020. A native German from Freiburg in the Black Forest area of Germany, Katrin moved to the UK in 2000. She has previously been involved with German speaking children playgroups and has some experience in translating (German-English) and private tutoring.

Here at the GA Katrin looks after our finances and is involved in the administrational side. She has a background in banking and 20+ years experience in financial administration and bookkeeping.


Silke Friedersdorff, Teacher​​
Silke studied education in Berlin, Germany, and has been working with children and teenagers both in the UK and in Germany for more than 20 years. Her own four children are bilingual.​


Dr Bettina Schock, Teacher
Bettina came to the UK in 1996 to study for a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. After a few years in the USA, she returned to the UK. Bettina’s 5-year old daughter loves the fact that she can speak German to her mum and English to her dad (sometimes mixing it together).


​Silke Walker, Eulen Teacher
Silke has been living in the UK since 1993. She used to work as au pair here. She is now a mother of two and helps the at the local school with reading in Reception and Year 1. 

Frauke Shiells, Adult Teacher​​
Frauke was teaching our first adult course in the Vienna Druckers Café in Leicester. She has studied modern foreign languages in Giessen, Germany and been teaching German adult courses in the UK with different subjects since 2005.​

Julia Sweeney, Teacher

Julia is an experienced and dedicated teacher. She has been teaching German and French for the last 12 years in England. She has a lot of experience of teaching German GCSE and has been an A-Level specialist for 10 years. 

Steffi Johnson, Teacher

Steffi studied Engineering in Dresden and moved to the UK almost 20 years ago. Her two children were both born in the UK and are raised bilingual. Together with her children she has regularly visited German speaking play groups and has been helping out in organising some of these groups in the past. 

Gabi Clough, Teacher

Gabi is an experienced and dedicated senior classes teacher. She has been teaching German and Spanish for the last 20 years in Scotland, Germany and England. Gabi has a lot of experience in German GCSE and A-Level. Her daughter passed the German A-Level in June 2019. She grows up bilingual.

Katja Reinhardt, Teacher

Katja is a HLTA who teaches 3-18 year olds German in a variety of settings. She works in schools, tutors and runs Kinderclubs. She teaches the Raben in Leicester and founded Derby Saturday School for her 4 boys realising the importance and value for them to be part of a German Community.

Karin Garrie, Teacher

Karin was born in Freiburg in Baden Wurttemberg and has moved to Nottingham in 1996. She has met her husband, an Englishman, and they live together in Nottingham with their four-years-old daughter.
During the week she teaches at the university.

Heidi Richter, Spatzen Helper
Heidi is 16 years old. She has been attending the German Saturday School Leicester for 6 years and now helps with the 3 to 6 year old's. She has recently done her German GCSE.

Sarah Brommer, Raben Helper

Sarah studied English and Italian literature at the University of Stuttgart. After a three-year stay in Montréal (Canada), she settled with her husband in Coventry in 2012. Their three sons grow up bilingual.

Heike Ruckruh, Eulen Helper

Heike studied and worked in Belgium before moving to the UK in 2004.

She is trilingual (D/E/F) and has worked both in customer service and as personal assistant using her language skills within multinational teams.

In the past, she used to tutor children and adults in English and German.

Her son grows up bilingually an is currently working towards his German GCSE at DSS Leicester.