German Kindergarten Leicester

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The German Kindergarten Leicester is a very friendly and exciting place for 3 - 5 year olds. We play and sing together, tell stories, and just have a lot of fun - all entirely in German! There is a St. Martins procession, German Fasching, and of course Nikolaus on the 6th of December.

We spend a lot of time outside - in the garden, on our field, or in the nearby forest, and explore nature together. There are bluebells and birds, foxholes and squirrels, and there certainly is a witch in the forest, but it's a nice one :) 

We are always preparing lunch together - and it's always something fresh, often just harvested from our vegetable or herb garden. 


Our spacious and bright three rooms indoors are often transformed into mini-wonderlands, and we then have to feed the animals in a zoo, fight dragon Fridolin or hide in an Inuit igloo.


There is so much to do and explore, and time usually flies. In their time at the German Kindergarten, the children build up valuable German friendships which will last for many years to come!


Our group is very small, so please sign up early, as places are usually filled quickly.

Fridays 9am - 3pm

Autumn Term 2020

4th September - 18th December

Half Term: 23rd and 30th October


Spring Term 2021

8th January - 26th March

Half Term 19th February

Summer Term 2021

16th April - 9th July

Half Term: 4th and 11th June

Where: Off Kibworth, Leicester
Teachers: Marianne & Jackie
Costs: £42 per day



“Now, we're back in England!", Bella und Fini on their way back home to Rugby from the German Kindergarten.

Bella und Fini from Rugby