German Saturday School Leicester


"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."

The Naturkindergarten is currently closed. Please contact Maria directly via email if you are interested in booking a place:

At the German Naturkindergarten Peterborough, we learn German through exploring the nature around us. This can be a lake, a field or the woods. We play games, invent new things, cook and bake, do arts and crafts, learn history and geography - but the main focus is on the natural world around us. We strive to create a fun and stimulating environment where children and young people alike enjoy themselves and learn German by using it actively and purposefully. ​


No matter if the sun is shining, the rain is pouring or the snow is falling, we will explore and enjoy. We will find a lot of our toys and tools outside. We teach German while the children turn into explorers and adventurers


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Naturzwerge (nature dwarfs)


This is our German playgroup for 3-6 year olds at the weekend. We explore nature for two hours and give them a space to start German friendships while adventuring into the outdoors

Time: Sunday 9:30 -11:30

Cost: £15 per session

Language spoken: only German

Trolle (trolls)

Our trolls meeting is every Monday from 9am -3pm and the purpose is to learn German. This group is for all our home education children who wish to learn a 2nd language outdoors.

Time: Monday 9-3

Cost: £42 per day

Language spoken: German and English

All our teacher are native speakers and carry a carry a recent DBS check