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8.15 - 8.55am

About the Course

The Küken are a parent-child group for German-speaking parents with babies and young children up to about 3 years of age. They sing, do crafts and play together and acquire a treasure trove of vocabulary, songs and rhymes that will stay with them. This is where first German speaking friendships are made, and parents also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

In the Küken group, we do not yet expect the children to be able to completely and consciously tell languages apart.

Cost Per Term (Autumn/Spring/Summer)

£63 / £54 / £63

Your Teacher

Sibylle Hutter

Sibylle Hutter

Sibylle has lived in the UK for over 25 years. She lives in Cambridge with her husband and 2 teenage children. Sibylle founded the Jim Knopf Preschool more than 12 years ago and also leads a weekly German toddler group.

Sibylle is a trained kindergarten teacher and has several years of professional experience in this area. She later also studied art in Cornwall and then communication design in London. She has worked as a freelance graphic designer and is in several museums in London leading creative art workshops for children. Sibylle is also involved in Cambridge to offer creative art workshops for neurodiverse and mildly disabled people. Sibylle discovered Zoom during the lockdown.

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