Run your own language courses

We have as a non-profit organisation more than 10 years experience in running language classes and settings across the UK, including e.g. German Saturday Schools, multilingual childcare settings, after school clubs and language summer schools.

Starting your own language courses

Joining The German Academy means to you that you join a big and supportive network of many other German language course providers.


Offering courses through us will mean that you won't need to worry about member lists, chasing invoices, making policies, or conforming with data protection laws or Ofsted. All you have to do is having fun teaching :)

Everything you need for your new course or setting is here for you right from the start, and you can begin teaching immediately!

For more information, please contact us at or 079 81038189.

German Academy Services

Admin Plan

Run a German Saturday School, an after school club or private German lessons

We offer

Insurance for you and all your students (up to £5,000,000)

Comprehensive member administration system

Full finance solution including invoicing

All necessary policies

Ofsted application for the voluntary register (if applicable)

Web space and web forms for your setting or course

Your own URL and email addresses

ICO membership covering all GDPR issues

Association of German Saturday Schools UK (VDSS) free membership if applicable

DBS checks (individual check fees apply)

Educational expert's visits (expenses not included)

All relevant contracts and agreements for teachers, helpers, parents/students and management

Access to all German Academy events

Legal and financial coverage and advice

Curriculum for your setting

Teaching materials

24/7 support for management and teaching

We are non-profit, but have to charge a small percentage of incoming fees to cover the costs for the services we offer.

This plan incurs a 8.9% charge of your incoming fees.

Ads Plan

This is an additional plan for the promotion of your language courses to a wide audience.

We offer

Full support in designing and publishing your events and courses


Events and course bookings on our website with +1500 users every month


Social media support

Comprehensive online ad campaigns to promote your events and courses on different social media platforms.


Network marketing

Events and course promotion within Saturday School and affiliate bilingual parent network


Direct marketing

New events and course launch email to interested customer base


Course insights

Analysis of event and course demand and conversion rates


Marketing support

Target audience and consumer behaviours analysis

Advise in course positioning and differentiation

We are non-profit, but have to charge a small percentage of incoming fees to cover the costs for the services we offer.

This plan incurs a 5.9% charge of your incoming fees, in addition to your basic plan.