​The GERMAN ACADEMY was founded in August 2010 (first as Saturday School only) with the intent to offer high quality, active and fun German lessons to everyone.​ Students are immersed in a German-speaking learning environment where they will experience adventures, build new friendships, and have lots of fun.​

Class sizes are kept small throughout the GERMAN ACADEMY for lots of individual attention. All our teachers hold a recent DBS check and most are native speakers.

THE GERMAN ACADEMY is working together closely with the VDSS (Association of German Saturday Schools UK).


Lessons are always activity based, and while we bake a pizza or dress up for the Karneval, we learn German on the way. Students are immersed in a German speaking world full of excitement and adventures.




When students are ready, we prepare them for GCSE and A-level exams. Our teachers are experienced in all exam boards.

2014/15 results:

Adam Brookes, A*
Maya Dehnen, A*

Daria Eckert, A*

Johanna Speiser, A*


2015/16 results:

Teresa Ironman, A*
Lewis Ironman, A

Adam Brookes, A 

2016/17 results:

Liana Brookes, A*
Jenny Ravenhall, A*
Felix Singleton, A* 
Robin Thiele, A* 
Julia Watson, A* 

A2-Level:​ Adam Brookes, A 

Teenagers from 14 years can work as helpers at the GERMAN ACADEMY!


We use "Willkommen" for reading, listening, writing and speaking, but are always open to individual requests in our small groups.
The adult groups at the Saturday Schools are also regularly involved in cultural activities, and have access to book and DVD libraries. And all of this whilst the children learn in their own Saturday School groups.

telc exams

We offer telc (The European Language Certificates) exams to our students, German language examinations for children from 10 years, teenagers and adults. The exams are ranging from A1 for beginners to C2 for language skills at the highest level. They correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are accepted as a qualification by employers and further education institutions in many countries.​

Results 2015/16:

Elisabeth Holland, very good
Ian McDonald, average
Alison Ravenhall, very good
Valerie von Haeften, very good


Selwyn Mary, satisfactory
Michael Smithson, good

Adam Brookes, very good   
Liana Brookes, very good    
Geoffrey Ravenhall, very good