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Mittlere Pinguine




9 - 12




1.00 - 2.00pm

About the Course

The mittlere Pinguine are 10-12 years old and in Year 5, 6 or 7 in their English school. The mittlere Pinguine are beginners or intermediate learners. They are supported individually at their language level and together they achieve great success in learning German. The mittlere Pinguine write short German texts themselves, do crafts and get to know German customs and traditions. A common topic is also in the foreground for the mittlere Pinguine.

The mittlere Pinguine have German as a foreign language - lessons are partly held in English, and the focus is on German vocabulary training.

Cost Per Term (Autumn/Spring/Summer)

£126 / £78 / £84

Your Teacher

Katja Reinhardt

Katja Reinhardt

Katja has been part of the German Academy for 6 years teaching in the Leicester School, Online and runs the Derby Samstagsschule. During the week she works as a Language Assistant, German teacher for Year 1-10 and teaches online classes after school. Katja is keen to make her lessons as interactive and activity based as possible.
She has 4 children (all boys!) and loves spending time in Germany during the holidays.

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