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German Kindergarten


About Us

The German Kindergarten Leicester is a friendly and fun place for 3-6 year olds. We are in the Friends Meeting House almost in the centre of Leicester, just next to the University. Our two bright rooms offer a wonderful view of Victoria Park. We also enjoy our beautiful large garden behind the house in any weather.

We believe that learning is a natural aspect of life and strive to provide children with a stimulating and exciting environment in which to reside, grow, learn and live together. We help the children develop social skills, a sense of belonging to the group and learn to respect each other. We encourage children to become independent and confident members of our group, building on their strengths and preferences.


The Language Kindergarten is a small group with a maximum of 12 children and we give each child a lot of individual attention.  A teacher never looks after more than 4 children and all the teachers and helpers are full qualified and carry a recent DBS check.​

We support early language learning. Children are natural language learners and easily learn their first language in their social environment. Just as naturally, they will learn a second language if we surround them with it. It has been shown that children who know a second language not only learn each additional language more easily and quickly, but also develop better communication skills, hear more differentiated and are more flexible in their thinking. And for the children, learning a language is simply a great adventure!


All children spend the day together. For certain activities, however, we offer two language groups in which each child has the space and time to develop their language skills at their own pace with our support.


The days at the German Kindergarten Leicester are carefully planned with language learning in mind. We make language learning active and effective, involving all the senses in our sessions. We will learn about the festivals and customs of the German-speaking countries and the children will build long-lasting (German-speaking) relationships.  


We work closely with the parents and are happy to share our stories, songs and activities and the new words we have learned in the Language Kindergarten. We are also very active in various festivals and customs from German-speaking countries!

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TERM DATES 2023/24

Monday, Tuesday and Friday During Term Time

HALF DAY: 9am - 12pm

FULL DAY: 9am - 2pm



4th September


10th October


23rd October


19th December



8th January


26th February


26th February


19th March



8th April


21st May


3rd June


9th July



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Ages: 2-6 Years

We are registered with OFSTED and take childcare vouchers as payment, as well as the new Tax-Free Childcare vouchers which can save 20-40% on Language Kindergarten fees.


Half Day - £25

Full Day - £35

Payable half-termly


Julia Sweeney

Julia Sweeney

Julia is an experienced and committed teacher. She has been teaching German and French in England for 14 years. She has a lot of experience and teaches children between 2 and 18!

From Easter 2020 Julia took over the Language Kindergarten as manager.

​16, Queens Road

Leicester, LE2 1WP

+44 7966 020144


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