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Have you always wanted to travel to the other side of the world? Maybe even around the world? Or would you rather fly into space or dive to the Great Barrier Reef?

This year, our students took us on an adventure to their dream destination either through a short text, picture or arts and crafts. We had so many great submissions, so it was extremely hard to pick winners!

Thank you for taking us on your dream trip! All winning entries are rewarded with a book prize from the German Embassy in London. We would like to thank the German Embassy very much for the prizes! Congratulations to our winners, and thank you everyone for taking part!


DSSL Spatzen

Tia Bagul

DSSL Raben

Ryan Padayatty

Online DSS Raben

Thomas Foreaux Koppensteiner

DSSL Kleine Pinguine

Michelle Padayatty

Online DSS Kleine Pinguine

Maya Stickley

DSSL Falken

Selma Alhani

Online DSS Falken

Beatrice Faulkner


Emily Clarke

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