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The little Easter bunny has a lot to do again this year...

That's why his friends want to surprise him with a particularly nice Easter this year! Can you help and plan the perfect Easter surprise party for the Easter bunny?

Send us your ideas and win a great book prize! This year our competition is once again supported by the German Embassy.


  • Küken, Spatzen & ONLINE Kinderclub: Create, craft or paint your Easter party for us!

  • Raben/kleine & mittlere Pinguine/ONLINE Kinderclub Junior: Write a text (in German) or text with picture/arts and crafts, minimum length 40 words

  • Falken/große Pinguine: Write a text (in German) or text with picture/arts and crafts, minimum length 60 words


Whether it's a picnic in the woods, an Easter egg hunt, or a disco party, we're excited to hear all your ideas, classic or out-of-the-box!

Here are a few ideas for planning the celebration:

Where is the party?

Who's invited?
Is there food or games?

Remember to add your name and group to your creations!

The most imaginative entry from each group will win a book prize courtesy of the German Embassy London.


Send us your entries by email to


The deadline for all entries is March 15, 2024.

We look forward to your pictures and texts, good luck!


DSSL Spatzen

Tia Bagul

DSSL Raben

Ryan Padayatty

Online DSS Raben

Thomas Foreaux Koppensteiner

DSSL Kleine Pinguine

Michelle Padayatty

Online DSS Kleine Pinguine

Maya Stickley

DSSL Falken

Selma Alhani

Online DSS Falken

Beatrice Faulkner


Emily Clarke

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