We are in the process of setting up a German Saturday School in York. Classes for children from German-speaking and biligual families will start in January 2020. Please see more information on our German site.

At the moment, we plan to offer classes for children with a pre-existing knowledge of German. We aim to offer additional groups in the future. Let us know what you are interested in and we will get in touch with you once we have enough people interested in a similar group. You can email us at


We aim to create an informal yet stimulating environment in which children can play, sing, get creative and discover new interests. Children speak, read and write German as part of these activities, building on their knowledge of the language in a fun and purposeful way. 


Led by a group of German-

speaking parents in York, we aim

to give children the opportunity to improve their language skills

while having fun and forging

German-speaking friendships.


We aim to share the culture of German-speaking countries through songs, stories and celebrations. We want to build a community in which each child can flourish and where everyone is treated with respect.