From Holly (9)

An animated dinosaur landscape created in 'Wir basteln gerne' for 7-10 year old's with Sibylle Hutter

Leadership and network teamwork concepts

The ONLINE Saturday School is supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany


Short and fun
Online Courses

Additionally to the ONLINE DSS, we offer a wide selection of active language courses for children, young people and adults, beginners to bilingual, taught by our highly motivated qualified teachers and native speakers.

If you book a course just an hour before it starts, please contact us by phone 075 21024155!

You will practise German whilst cooking, baking, creating a new piece of art, or solving sports quizzes...!

Each course runs for a max. of 4-6 weeks with one weekly session only and comes with lots of additional materials for you. At the end of each course, you can try a different one, or also change to our new ONLINE DSS for more formal and consistent learning.

Classes are extremely small for lots of individual attention (with usually around 4-8 participants).

Have a look and BOOK NOW below - brand new fun courses starting regularly!

If the course you want has already started, or is booked out, send an email to, and we will try to help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us per email or phone 075 21024155 if you have any queries.

And now, have fun learning German :)

Please note that our calendar shows the GREENWICH MEAN TIME!

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