The first of its kind in the UK!


Dates & Times

2nd and 4th Saturday in the month (only term time)
Morning: 10.00 am - 12.00 am
Afternoon might be possible as well, check with us!

Autumn term 2020
12th Sept, 26th Sept, 10th Oct, 24th Oct, 14th Nov, 28th Nov, 12th Dec

Spring term 2021

9th Jan, 23rd Jan, 13th Feb, 27th Feb, 13th March, 27th March

Summer term 2021

10th April, 24th April, 8th May, 22nd May, 12th June, 26th June, 10th July


ONLINE Küken - chicks
 Parent and child group, 0-2 years
ONLINE Spatzen - sparrows  from 3 years to Year 1

ONLINE Raben - ravens Year 2/Year 3
ONLINE Schwalben - swallows Year 4/Year 5
ONLINE Falken - falcons Year 6/Year 7

ONLINE GCSE group Year 7 - Year 10
ONLINE A-level group Year 9 - Year 13

ONLINE kleine Pinguine - little penguins Year 2-4 
ONLINE große Pinguine - big penguins Year 5-7 

ONLINE Eulen - owls 
ONLINE Eulen - owls 



All our groups are limited to 8 students.


Our teachers are native speakers and carry a recent DBS check.


Autumn term £112 (Küken £35)

Spring term £96 (Küken £30)
Summer term £112 (Küken £35)


All ONLINE DSS students are welcome to take part in our events throughout the year! Most events are based around Leicester, UK, but we also offer a ski week in Switzerland, and an adventure week in the German speaking countries each year. 

ONLINE DSS students are also able to take part in our telc exams at the reduces German Academy price. 


Marianne Siegfried-Brookes,

School Head

Marianne is the founder and organiser of the DSS Leicester. She is an experienced primary and secondary school teacher with a MSc in Secondary Education from the University of Zurich. She has been teaching bilingual children and adults since 1999, first in Sweden, and since 2004 in the UK. Marianne believes in an active approach to learning, engaging the students on all levels - intellectual, social, emotional, creative, physical, ... Her own two children are trilingual and speak English, German and Schwiizerdütsch :)

Eva Jäger,

Administration- and

Finance Manager

Eva has been administration- and finance manager at the DSS Leicester since 2019. She moved from Franconia to the UK in 2015. Eva ran the Baby and Toddler Playgroup in Nottingham for over 4 years. Her 3 children grow up bilingual. On the Saturday School days Eva looks after the office at the DSS Leicester. From time to time she also teaches the Küken.

Frauke Shiells,

GCSE teacher

Frauke has been teaching German for 15 years and has gathered experiences in different class situations, e.g. with teenagers and adults, in a classroom and via video conference, everyday language classes and in-house business German classes, one-to-one and group lessons. Furthermore she prepares learners for different exams (telc, GCSE and A Level).

Gabi Clough,

GCSE teacher

​Gabi is an experienced and dedicated senior classes teacher. She has been teaching German and Spanish for the last 20 years in Scotland, Germany and England. Gabi has a lot of experience in German GCSE and A-Level. Her daughter passed the German A-Level in June 2019. She grows up bilingual.

Dr. Bettina Schock,

Spatzen- & Eulen teacher

Bettina came to the UK in 1996 to study for a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. After a few years in the USA, she returned to the UK. Bettina’s 5-year old daughter loves the fact that she can speak German to her mum and English to her dad (sometimes mixing it together).

Julia Sweeney,

Pinguin teacher

Julia is an experienced and dedicated teacher. She has been teaching German and French for the last 12 years in England. She has a lot of experience of teaching German GCSE and has been an A-Level specialist for 10 years. 

A German Saturday School that is running totally online for everybody who can't make it to our offline Saturday Schools!


Even though online, we still learn German through activities - we play games, invent new things, cook and bake, do arts and crafts, and history and geography! We strive to create a fun and stimulating environment where children, young people and adults alike enjoy themselves and learn German by using it actively and purposefully in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Our groups are small throughout for lots of individual attention and interaction. There is a group for everyone - no matter if beginner or bilingual!


The ONLINE DSS leads to a German GCSE, A-level, or an internationally recognised telc exam.





Katja Reinhardt,

Raben teacher

Katja is a HLTA who teaches 3-18 year olds German in a variety of settings. She works in schools, tutors and runs Kinderclubs. She teaches the Raben in Leicester and founded Derby Saturday School for her 4 boys realising the importance and value for them to be part of a German Community.

Steffi Johnson,

Pinguin teacher

Steffi studied Engineering in Dresden and moved to the UK almost 20 years ago. Her two children were both born in the UK and are raised bilingual. Together with her children she has regularly visited German speaking play groups and has been helping out in organising some of these groups in the past.